Excursion to Córdoba

If ever you can´t find me, look for me in Córdoba. Whatever the square, street or arcade. My memories will lead you along centuries-old cobblestones, ancient hills and to the Plaza de la Compañía.

I want to show you the Seville Gate, between a ray of sunlight and the old city wall, the Roman Bridge and the Bailío Steps, which bore witness to sacred passages, steps towards the heavens and stairways towards the dawn of the Christ of the Lanterns in the Plaza de Dolores.

Amidst songs and the sounds of fine guitars, I want to show you the courtyards of San Basilio, the quaint streets of the Jewish Quarter, the fountains of the Mosque and the orange blossoms of the Patio de los naranjos (Orange Tree Courtyard).

Visit with me and behold the ancient Córdoba, the only city in the world worthy of being awarded four World Heritage Sites.

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