Guided Tour Of The Arenal, Triana And The Archive Of The Indies

Much of Seville’s port activity was concentrated in the Arenal and Triana neighbourhoods, which played a key role in trade relations between Spain and the New World. Are you familiar with the journey that metals took from the time they arrived in Seville, were melted down and made into coins to be distributed throughout Europe? Do you know the reason why more silver than gold was brought from the New World?
On this tour, we will pinpoint the locations of the shipyards and brothels and learn about the role of the Casa de la Contratación, which was created to promote maritime connections with Spain’s overseas territories.
In addition to all of this, we cannot fail to mention Triana, where we can discover the legacy of this intense seafaring activity, with unique spaces such as the Casa de las Columnas or the Puerto de las Muelas, which was the only dock from which ships could set sail from the city.

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