Tour Of The 1929 Expo In The Maria Luisa Park

Is there any other tour with buildings as majestic as this one?
We will journey back in time to the Seville of the early 20th century and allow ourselves to be captivated by the Andalusian regionalist buildings, emblematic of the 1929 Expo that put our city, a cultural powerhouse, on the world map.
The starting point of this tour will be the Portugal Pavilion, the building with the largest budget of the entire expo, followed by the Plaza de España and the Telefónica Pavilion.
After climbing the stairs of Mount Gurugú, our journey will come to an end in the lovely Plaza de América, with its splendid water lily pond, flanked by 16 winged victories, a symbol of the euphoric atmosphere in the city during the 1929 event.

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